mySQL MyRocks Storage Engine - Any Experience?

Does anyone have any experience with using the MyRocks storage engine for mariaDB? (MyRocks website)

I’ve seen some people discuss using TokuDB on this forum, but when looking at the mariaDB page regarding TokuDB storage backend, they say it has been deprecated and that they recommend MyRocks instead.

I’m thinking about doing some testing, but I’d love to hear if anyone has had any experience.

As a small-ish integrator and support provider, “Storage Is Cheap” doesn’t apply when you consider the need for backups and backup history amplifying storage and data transmission requirements. We’d like to investigate ways of keeping the storage needs down.

Thanks, and I’ll keep you all posted if I get some time to test!

If you are using MySQL instead of MariaDB, you are almost certainly making a mistake. (The founder of MySQL and the bulk of its developers went to the MariaDB fork.)

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Phil, Thanks for pointing out my mix-up of mariaDB & mySQl, I’ve corrected my post. We do still use mySQL or MSSQL for the simple reasons of familiarity and that it’s clearly listed as support by Ignition, but I’ll try to get some time to investigate mariaDB. I’m familiar with some of the story behind the split, but so far it’s been inconsequential for us.

The foremost concern so far has been finding a way to reduce the storage space to something more manageable. Great compression and manageable datablocks are the only things I miss about Wonderware Historian.