MySQL Query Browser

Does anyone know where to go, or do they have a copy, for a download of the MySQL Query Browser. I went to and they do not have it available.

I have been unable to find the MySQL GUI Tools anywhere online since it reached EOL, and not for lack of trying. I don’t think we are allowed to post it because of the license. I will look into it though.

MySQL now has the MySQL Workbench which includes the Query Browser and Administrator in one. You want version 5.2 or above. Here is a link to the 5.2 beta

Workbench is okay, I guess, but I still like the query tool. Just getting old… Heck, there’s some days I miss DOS! :open_mouth:

Thanks, there is a big difference between 5.1 and 5.2.

Here is a link to some software I think you would like. I would not think this would be against forum rules to post this, but if it is I apologize and please delete it.

The GUI tools are still archived, so you can get them at

Google is our friend. :slight_smile:

Actually after playing with work bench I find it very useful, the only issue I’ve come across is that if you want to use Live Edit the table must have a PK assigned. :smiley:

Yeah I like workbench. I ran into an issue, in like 5.2.10, where if you tried to modify the mysql.cnf via workbench, it would blank the whole file out. That really really sucked. I make backups before any change now.