MySQL Query Works in Browser but not in Script

Why would my named query fail to run in a script if it works in the query browser?

I have a named query with one parameter. When I copy/paste the query into the query browser and replace the parameter with a number it runs and returns the results I expect. However, when I use the system.db.runNamedQuery() method in the script console I get a “You have an error in your SQL syntax” error message.

We aren’t mind readers. Show us.


Show us the authoring tab of your named query, too.

And there it is…

The extra colon. Parameters are “:parameter” not “:parameter:”



The socratic method does it again!


Psst! As soon as you saw gold users, you should have advised that no help can be offered on the forum for Integrator tests.

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Shoot! Missed that.

I only asked because I thought I had found a bug.

You are only allowed to ask the IA testing group. The forum is forbidden for anything related to certification.

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