MySQL trigger from one host to another host


In one of our projects that was moved to production six months ago, the customer requested an additional cloud database. They want to transfer data from a specific table in the production MySQL database to the cloud database with minimal downtime. What are the possibilities to achieve this?
Note: Both Ignition and db are in same server.

Do you mean they want to change the database for this table and then use the new one, or do you mean sync the 2 tables so that they have 2 up to date tables in 2 places ?

If you can live with "temporarily unable to access some historical data", just duplicate the local database, then update the ignition database settings, at last synchronize the missing data.

They need sync between 2 tables !.

Then I suggest you read this:


So the Tag History Splitter is best choice. If you want to log new historydata to both database, all your tags config need to update.

I need replication for a specific table not the historian table

You might also find helpful tools in MySQL workbench:


I have no experience with this. Follow Pascal's advice.