Mysterious warning on Vision popup

Hi Guys,

Platform: 7.9.3 (Yes, its old)
Vision: 9.9.3

Got a weird problem where I click a popup and I get this warning:

Based on the message and the setup of the popup, it appears to be an issue with the parameter passing but I cant find any issues (well nothing is jumping out). Also with the exception of this warning the popup seems to be working just fine.

Sequence of events:

  1. I click on the “detail” button of this Template with two custom template properties which are UDT’s
  2. The popup launches and is otherwise working but this warning keeps showing up on every instance

Here is the template showing the template parameters and how they are passed to the popup “Nursery Pump”

Here is the popup showing the custom properties with the matching UDTs:

I cropped a few of the images to show the relevant parts, sorry if they look a bit weird.

If I use the designer to navigate to the popup the warning does not show. It only seems to affect the client.

I am running out of ideas and thought I would try here before I try:

  • Removing and re-adding the custom properties
  • Or removing components to see if/when the error goes away

Any ideas?

One thing that seems a little code smelly at least is the fact that you are passing in values for IOTag and Pumptag as parameters, but you also have these properties of bound? Normally paramters aren’t bound since that’s what you want to be passing in.

Under the actionPerformed, what does the code in script editor say? Maybe some designer tried to add another additional parameter to be passed that does not exist in your window.

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Thanks bkarabinchak, good advice. :+1:

There was a blank third parameter in the script (code below), it is shown on the GUI but has it had no name and value it did not jump out.

I deleted the parameter and the warning went away.

Not really necessary now but here is the code script showing the blank third parameter:

param1 = event.source.parent.IOTag

param2 = event.source.parent.PumpTag

window = system.nav.openWindow('Nurseries/Popups/Nursery Pump', {'IOTag' : param1, 'PumpTag' : param2, '' : ''})
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