<NA> displayed instead of a total using Reporting Plugin

Hi guys,

I have created one report where I have used the @total.value@ function in the summary band of a table where the column data type is ‘Double’. This works beautifully.

On another report I have tried to do the same thing. The column is also of type ‘Double’. In this case, the report displays where the Total is supposed to be.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


Do you have the DataSet Key entered for your table? Try displaying a single column in your table to see if the data is properly linked. If you don’t have the key:

  1. Select the table object
  2. Look for a value under DataSet Key. In this screenshot it’s called Data.
  3. If blank, either type the name, or drag the dataSet from your keys above

This page in the Reporting Plugin online help describes the process.

Tip :bulb: - If you create the table by dragging the dataSet onto your work area, then select “Table”, this is automatically set up for you.


Yes the DataSet Key is there. The rest of the table displays perfectly. Just the Total at the bottom says .

Are you in the “summary” or “details” section of the table with the total tag. What about the regular display tag? Could you post a screenshot?