Name "Shared" is not defined

Hello folks,

I come to you for help with an issue that I can’t seem to resolve by myself.
I have an expression tag that calls a script:

This script is defined in a Global Project, under Shared.Rsu:

This works wonderfully in another project, that I exported then imported in this new project, for which it doesn’t work. The logs tell me the name Shared is not defined:

I can call it from the script console with no issue:

Could anybody help me figure out what’s going on here ? A misconfiguration of some sort ?

Thanks and good day to you wonderful people !

If your running that on a tag, you can only run scripts from one project as tags are executed in the gateway only...

Using the Project Library in a Tag Event Script

Scripts defined in a project script can be called from a Tag Event Script. However, only scripts defined in the Gateway Script Project may be used. For more information on configuring the Gateway Scripting Project, please see the Project Library page.


I think you are missing the parentheses in runscript

In the gateway settings verify the gateway scripting project is set to global (or the name of your global project housing the scripts)

There shouldn’t be any issue with scoping, as this exact setup and script works for another project…

@lachguerabdallah The parentheses are there, just not on the same line.

@tim Thanks, That might very well be the root of the issue, the Gateway scripting project wasn’t set. I’m trying that right now.

Yep, that was it… Thanks a lot !