Named Queries changes not updating

I’m seeing some strange behavior with Named Queries. I made a Named Query, Saved the project, Ran the query, Made Changes to the Named Query, Saved the project, now I’m getting errors running the pervious named query instead of the new one.

The old query returns an error even though I correct the named query.

I saved the entire project. Closed and reopened, resaved. Confirmed the new query is still new and saved. Still getting errors running the old query. Gateway version 8.1.0

I see the same behavior on Perspective 8.1.4.
Two identical queries with a difference in the “id” trying to read from MSSQL
(SELECT name FROM mytable WHERE id = 1)
both works in the “Named Queries workbench” but not when binding.

Update: after “Merge” & “Save” looks like the issue is solved