Named Queries not using Default Database

I’m recently encountering a problem where my named queries are not observing the default database set by the project settings in the designer. Using ignition 7.9.10.

I have two databases, PRODUCTION and TEST. In the designer, if I go project > properties set the Default Database to TEST then save the project, all data bound to named queries still shows results from the PRODUCTION data source even after refreshing. If I manually test a named query in the Named Queries tree using the connection, the data from the TEST data source is returned as expected inside the ‘Testing’ tab. If I force the named query to use the TEST connection, data is displayed correctly back inside the table inside the application window. If I create a new table and write a SQL Query using the default connection, data is returned from the TEST source as expected. It appears as if any data which is using a named query keeps using the PRODUCTION data source inside all windows.

I’ve restarted the designer, checked that the gateway project setting has the default database set to TEST, and cleared the ignition and java cache on my machine. I’m not sure what the next step would be from here, so any suggestions are welcome.


Just to provide an update to anyone who may encounter this in the future, after speaking with tech support this is expected behavior. Although default database changes on project save, components on vision windows will not update until the project is published.