Named Queries Now in Plain Text

Very excited today when I found in 8.1.6.rc1 that Named Queries are no longer stored in projects in binary files. They are now .sql and resource.json files! Hurray for version control!


…BUT did this miss the change logs? I usually watch them closely… I know we shouldn’t be publishing projects between versions, but 90% of the time it works fine. If you export/import named query resources from 8.1.6 into 8.1.2, it is successful, but if you try to edit or run the resource it won’t work.

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Uh, going backwards is not supported by IA. Getting imports to happen at all is the surprise.


I prefaced with “I know I shouldn’t…”! :laughing:

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Ugh, looks like it did, and I’m the one who missed it. :flushed: Happened on April 26.

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Hmm, this is interesting… I think there’s room for a check at import time to see if you’re importing a “future” version of a resource, but I’m not sure if there’s any easy way to actually determine if a resource is from the future or not without consulting the “owner” of the resource (platform or module).

Maybe just test to ensure the resource can be deserialized at import time? Obviously doesn’t do anything for existing versions but could be a nice additional check to make sure resources are “valid” upon import.

We’re using source control to dump projects directly into data/projects, so I’m sure it’s a lot harder to deal with checking changed resources on disk beyond throwing an error to gw logs when changes are detected.

Nice. This is going to help us out with source control for sure.