Named Query Binding in Time Series Chart, Perspective

I’m beyond frustrated trying to bind a named query to a time series chart. I’ve read all the forums, followed all recommendations.

I run our system at work but are in the process of upgrading from 7.9 to 8.1 and it will be a few more weeks before transition is complete and haven’t had time to play with Perspective yet, so I decided to install Maker at home and connect to my home weather station and try to get a head start on Perspective.
So that being said this isn’t my first rodeo, but it certainly feels like it.

I setup a very simple named query with no parameters and it tests just fine, displays fine in a table but no matter what I do I cannot get it to work in any chart, specifically time series.

  • date first
  • Order Asc

Just says component error with no errors in upper right corner. Tried setting the binding to Json and all that does is show 85000+ errors in right upper corner of chart props.

I’ve just upgraded to the most recent version and made no difference. 8.1.3 (b2021030309)

Here are some screen shots of queries, component bonding etc.


The DB is MySQL

Thanks in advance

What is the column type of the t_stamp column in your dataset?

It appears as it is Text (MySQL)

Here is our work (SQL Server)

Both use the exact same transaction group settings. Is this a MySQL thing. I’ve never used MySQL until I set this up on my home computer?

I don’t know why your column type is Text but that’s why your chart isn’t working. It needs to be a Date or numeric type.

Yes I just changed the type using the MySQL Workbench and it is now working. Didn’t even think to check that. These tables were actually imported from a MSSQL table using .csv files.
I will be checking all my other imported tables.