Named Query Binding Latest Execution Timestamp

I have a table on the dashboard which is populated through the named query binding. I have set up the polling to every 5 minutes.
How can I view the timestamp of the latest execution of named query binding.

Do you need it displayed? If you turn on NamedQueryManager to TRACE in your gateway logs I think it will come through - but that is not exactly visible to the UI easily.

Alternatively, you could also put a property change script on the data property of your table and then when your polling executes and the data in the table changes from it, you could update some UI component. The only issue here would be if in 5 minutes it re-reruns the query but the results are the same, the property change won't fire - but that seems sensible in that your timestamp would only reflect the last time the data changed.

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Hi @bkarabinchak.psi,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I need it to display on my dashboard.

I think the property change script would do the work for me.

I have another follow up question: Is there a way I can view named query binding is currently executing or not. I would like to put something like Table Updating on Display when query is executing.

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Tables have a .propertyLoading property that I leverage to indicate the table is loading data - I would bind that boolean property to a visiblity property for some UI component that says "LOADING" or whatever it is you want to show.

If this is for a Vision project (you should include the Vision tag in the question title) then changing the cursor is also an option. I think there's an egg-timer or similar icon.

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Hi @Transistor and @bkarabinchak.psi,

I am working on the perspective tables.

Sorry for my ignorance, I could not find .propertyLoading on perspective tables. Is it available only on Vision modules.

Yes, vision only. Hopefully someone else has another suggestion.

Can you add a column to your named query?

SELECT TOP (1000) * --All the other columns
	  ,GETDATE() as now --Column named "now"
  FROM [UFTData].[dbo].[TblDataEirich]