Named Query Description metadata missing

Does anyone know where or why the "Description" section is missing from newer updates of Ignition? Seems helpful since sometimes in-line comments in the actual SQL Query doesn't always work.

This is 8.1.3

This is 8.1.25

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It was moved up to the project browser and made applicable to all resource types; right click and there's a 'Documentation' field. It was "removed" from NQs to avoid having redundant places to configure the same info.

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That was a bit subtle! I didn't know about this for the queries or views, etc. Nice.

ohhh, fancy. Even has a little icon next to the resource to hover over and see the documentation. Why haven't I used this more. Time to go back and document EVERYTHING!

Legal Disclaimer: We always documents our work. Any comments posted on this forum indicating lack of documentation does not reflect our actual quality of work. :slight_smile:


One cautionary point- there's currently a bug where applying documentation can "override" any yet unsaved changes in the open editor. Mostly an issue for Vision or Perspective, but something to be aware of until we fix it.