Named Query Not Populating Alarm Journal

I am trying to use a named query to populate an alarm journal component. The query works when I test it on ignition but the journal does not reflect the data and instead displays all rows from the alarm_events table.

Any suggestions?

The Query:

The Test:

Well first off, how are you trying to populate the alarm journal with this named query?
Why would you not set the journal name property to a valid alarm journal and then filter the results with the built in filters?

Hello and thank you for the quick response. I set the ‘selected alarms’ data property for the table to bind to the named query above. The reason i did not pursue using the built in filters is because i want to limit the rows to the most recent 10 active alarms. i can filter for active alarms but im not sure i can use the built in filters to grab the 10 most recent

Selected alarms is not what you think it is, its the alarms you have clicked on in the journal. The alarm Journal is not meant to work the way you want, i suggest using a regular table and using style customizers to get it to look more like the alarm journal component.

I see, thank you for updating me on my misunderstanding of selected alarms. I will try a new route based on your given perspective!

This component does its own queries. You would need to use a regular table and emulate the rest of the alarm journal component’s behaviors.