Named Query Not Working Correctly In Scripts

I have a very simple NQ that takes a string value as a parameter.

SELECT [bin_id]
	FROM [dbo].[case_traveler]
	WHERE [case_trav_GUID] = :case_trav_GUID 

In the Named Query Editor’s Testing tab, this query works as expected.
When I execute this from a script in a Prospective View or in the Script Console, it does not return any data using the same input parameter value.

I found this, Project Named Query Issues, which was apparently a bug that was fixed 2 years ago. I’m currently using v8.0.16.

As I’ve never run into a NQ that worked in the editor but not from a script, I’m a bit perplexed. I’ve validated there are no non-printable characters in string being passed in. I’ve tested this as a simple Query and as a Scalar Query with no change in results.

I’m hoping for an idea on direction to take to correct this.

Found the issue once I was able to get a second set of eyes on my fubar!

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