Named Query parameters not working as expected

Im trying to use named queries to populate my graph and a parameter to select which column to select but it is using the parameter as a value rather than the name of the column to get its value from. I think these screenshots will describe it better.
This is one of the queries i am using and i would like :vsdflow to correlate to one of the several Pump_Flow’s, i have this bound to a custom property which makes the correct transformation.

The problem is this does not just replace the :vsdflow with Pump1_Flow which is what i want to look up that column in my table, it instead uses the parameter as the actual value of the column instead of using it as a column to look up. as you can se in the series it just says Flow Rate: Pump1_Flow

Is this behavior expected or is it a bug? is there something im missing?

You have it as a value parameter. It would need to be a query string parameter. That will come with all the associated drawbacks, e.g. SQL injection etc.

Named Query Parameters - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (