Named query parameters

I created 4 named queries that used 4 columns(see picture)

The only difference between the queries was that I changed the selected column. I then created 4 text field and list box combinations with 4 custom parameters (related to the columns in the query) and then bound the data property of the list box to the named query using these properties. The problem I had was when I created the bindings and then moved to the next list box I found that when I opened the named query binding they were already populated with the previous bindings. If went ahead and changed them to reflect the properties on the selected list box it then switched the others over to those bindings. I did need these to be different as I wanted to be able to search by characters on any one of these fields.

The way I got around it was to change the names of the parameters in each query. It seems odd that you can’t have similar named parameters in separate queries

What version are you using? This sounds vaguely like a bug that we fixed…

I’m using 7.9.8 to do this.

Yikes, I was able to replicate this in 7.9.9. Looks like a regression to me – I’ll make a ticket to get this fixed. :flushed:

Ok Thank you for letting me know it was driving me a little crazy yesterday.

I am having this same issue. Has this been fixed?

I am using V7.9.8

Yes. You are using a version from before the fix.

What version was it fixed in?