Named Query Performance

Ignition 8.1.0

Named query uses 3 parameters:
date_beg - DateTime
date_end - DateTime
location_id - Int8

The query was originally:

SELECT several columns
FROM table
INNER JOIN another_table ON columns
WHERE enter_date <= :date_end
   AND exit_date >= :date_beg
   AND location_id = :location_id

and took 7+ seconds to execute in the designer, but less than 0.5 seconds in SSMS. I did change the dates and location for comparison purposes and tested by running in SSMS first to eliminated cached query plans as the source of the difference.

Changing location_id from a Value/Int8 to a Query String appears to have fixed the performance issue.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated?


Surely someone has some idea. Anything?