Named Query renaming from "Query_Name" to "Query_Name (1)"

Seen this happen a couple of times (8.1.19), not sure what could have caused it. Only noticed when the binding that was looking for it broke.

Has anyone else had this happen as well?


I am not aware of anything that might cause that to happen except copying and pasting. Have you ran any scripts that might have created a new named query with the same name?

I tried importing and exporting a named query and it did not rename it, it asked me if I wanted to overwrite it instead. The only way I could replicate was when I copied and pasted it and even then it duplicated the query instead of renaming it. I am also running on 8.1.19.

None of that sounds familiar. Definitely not creating Named Queries using scripts. I've also not edited this query (personally at least) for a while so was surprised when things on the view started updating incorrectly as it couldn't find the query at that path.

I've not been able to replicate it myself, but if I see it again I will investigate further and reply to this thread

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