Named Query Returning Rows For Previous Execution

I am trying to use a named query because the Ignition Data binding believes my stored procedure is updating rows.

All is fine and dandy until I enter in parameters that return no rows. The named query will latch onto my last execution that returned rows, confusing the user. I have made sure that my named query does not cache.

Does anyone know why this occurs? How to stop it? I’ve tried refreshing my data binding on parameter changes and it still clings to the previous results.

Additional Information:
-I am binding to a bar chart, so I want a query that returns nothing to display as nothing on the bar chart.
-I am now seeing an error message that states: caused by Exception: The statement did not return a result set.

Am I getting some junk value that this bar chart can’t recognize?

Just have your sp return a blank row if no rows are returned.
Alternatively, you can probably put a transform on the binding to return zeros if no rows are returned but that’s harder to do than my first suggestion.

It works! Just wish I didn’t have to do it :grin:. Thanks for the help.