Named query sometimes returns only partial results

We have a view with a tab container that has a table of a summary on the first tab and several other tabs that each have flex repeaters.

The summary and flex repeaters (share same binding) gets it's data each from a custom property with a named query binding. With the two bindings, each returns about 35 rows by 45 columns, nothing too bad.
However, sometimes, several times per hour, only partial results come back, where the table will only show 6-8 rows and the flex repeater will be blank. One can simple navigate out and back in to refresh to get the full results, but this happens often enough to cause an inconvenience to the end users.

This view and database is designed to run by live updates, so once something is entered, it updates the db and refreshes the binding, thus named query. We would like to keep it that way. The database does have indexing and such to make the queries usually 200-300ms each, but once in a while get a 1-3 second query. I don't think I want to cache the name query due to the instant live update design.

Is there any other recommendations on what I can do to improve this?

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Hi rpavlicek,

I think it is best for you to reach out to support and have an engineer take a look to see what is going on. You can reach out to us here.

Thank you for responding, I flagged this post to be deleted since I figured out what may be the root cause, and didn't have anything to do with the named query speed.

Hi rpavlicek,

Can you share what the root cause of the problem was? It might help future readers who are having the same issue as yours.

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The root issue pertaining to the flex repeaters being blank at times was a race issue of a joined table being truncated at the time of the query, event if the truncate/insert only took a second or so. It has now been changed to an insert/update and will not be blank at anytime.

Pertaining to the query at times taking 1-5 seconds, this can be normal in a heavy traffic depending on SQL server setup/environment.