Named query undo will clear query and there is no redo

8.1.5, if I undo in the query, it will clear the query. There is no redo from this point. Since the save function is useless, there is no going back. Can someone else verify this as a bug?

Will there be a time when save actually works, like it does in Vision?

Hi @jlandwerlen,

Are you using a mac? on mac the redo operation is mapped to CMD-Y (instead of SHIFT-CMD-Z), that may be why you are seeing this? I just checked locally and undo/redo is working for me in the query editor.

As far as the save function being useless, could you elaborate a bit? Saves are working for me as well

Jonathan C

I’m using Windows. Undo works, but after you are out of undos, it will clear the editor. On my machine at least. It was easy for me to replicate:

  1. Create a named query.
  2. Leave as the default query.
  3. Undo
  4. It will clear the box
  5. It only happens on shortcut, Ctrl+Z. Edit, Undo works fine

If I do anything in a named query, it saves as you go, there is no save. Same on Perspective views. So undo is all we have, and it’s not quite right either.

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Gotcha, that clears things up. I was able to reproduce the undo issue locally now. Im also opening a ticket for the Named Query saving behavior as im not sure thats intended at all. I would expect that within the workspace doing tests would reflect the current (and unsaved) query, but elsewhere the query should respect saves.

Update: The named query is respected “live” in the designer to allow it to be used in various other workspaces (i.e. Vision) for testing in those environments. Saving will result in the NQ getting updated on the gateway which will be represented in gateway and client scopes. So while this saving behavior is a bit different its for an intended purpose within the designer: the latest version of the named query is used/shown within the designer to allow the author to see the results without saving the project

I’ll call IA support and show them the save issues. Easier to show them vs explain in text. Then if they agree it’s an issue they can update or open a ticket.

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