Native Client Launcher 7.8

I am reading a lot in the forum about using the Native Client Launcher especially to run client in linux, which I am trying to do. I am stuck on version Ignition 7.8 and I do not see that choice on my Ignition Home page. Was it not available for 7.8? Is it an add-on from the standard license? Do I need to install it? I’m at a loss since I don’t see anyone else having this problem in the forum.

Its shown in the manual for 7.8 so I would assume it should be there. It looks like the link on the webpage can be turned off. You may just need to turn it back on.

try going to the configure page->Gateway Settings->Homepage Config. In 7.9, you can hide the native launcher option

Thanks. I’ve never been to that section before. It was in there.