Native Client Launcher 7.9.2RC1 Custom JRE

In the release notes for 7.9.2-RC1 it says the issue with JRE folders for NCL to use was fixed.

Native Client Launchers
Windows native client launchers were unable to use a JRE in a /jre folder next to clientlauncher.exe.

However, I just built a new installer and it looks like the Client Launcher has its priorities wrong. It appears to be ignoring the JRE in the folder next to clientlauncher.exe and using the installed JRE on the system first before looking for the folder. I would rather it be a priority for the JRE folder than the system JRE, as we have clients using Java6 I want to be able to get rid of with the NCL and JRE folder.

Also, using the “old” client launcher < 7.8.3 before the jre folder bug was introduced, it would prioritize the JRE folder over the system JRE… Just putting it out there, maybe there is time to take another look before 7.9.2 final.

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Well, it is too late for the 7.9.2 final release, but I imagine we can take a look and post modified native launchers here for download within the next few days.

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Thanks @mgross! In the meantime I’ll stick with the older version @greg.simpson gave me.

Try downloading this native launcher exe and see if it will work for you:

This version should favor the local /jre folder over a system JRE. We’ll roll this change into the 7.9.3 release.

Thanks Matt! This version seems to do the trick on my first test. I’m going to try a few more systems and confirm. This is awesome, appreciate the quick fix.

PS - Not sure what you think, but for a future request… It would be nice to put the Java version somewhere on the client launcher display so you can see the Java version before launching an actual client.