Native Client Launcher Desktop Icon

OS: Windows 10
Ignition: 7.9.17
Java: Oracle 1.8

After switching from JNLPs to the native client launcher, it no longer seems possible to set the desktop icon through the project properties.

The icons are important for quick identification of programs on the desktop without have to click & read all their names.

The gateway does not seem to accept .ICO images, which seem to be required for shortcuts on Windows. All programs use the Ignition default logo.

I can think of a few hacky solutions, but I wanted to see if anything is recommended.

I’d recommend ditching Windows in favor of Linux. Its *.desktop file format for shortcuts allows complete control over your icon.

Maybe some Windows expert here will have a less drastic recommendation.

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Are you trying to change the icon locally, or trying to bundle an icon in with the client launcher install?
As far as I can tell, you need to have the icon.ico on the client machine and change the shortcut properties.

Thanks @pturmel, but changing from Windows to Linux is a non-starter. The company only uses Windows.

The Vision Client Launcher just organizes all the projects. But when you click on the 3-dots icon and click Manage, you get setting to change the icon when you create the desktop shortcut.


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That’s for v8 though, right?

Yes, sorry, didn’t read the version on the original post.

That seems to be the case. I can see possibly putting the icons on a share drive, creating the shortcuts up front with those icons, and creating a custom “installer” for production users which just copies these icons to their desktops, but this is incredibly hacky.

If you’re going by the way of installer, you would be better off packaging a executable scripts (that wraps the clientlauncher.exe with the specific gateway/project to launch), the associated icons per desired gateway/project, and the clientlauncher.exe within an executable installer. This would generate unique programs visible to the user after the installer completes, in theory.

The approach I am suggesting, which may not be exact to your situation, is to essentially wrap the clientlauncher.exe with a collection of executable scripts that invoke the supplied clientlauncher.exe with the appropriate arguments, and having associated .lnk files execute the scripts - the .lnk files that can embed the desired .ico for easy ID.

See Inno Setup Tools for an example of a tool that can help you automate this task. However, you will probably still run into issues with the icon of the running process.

Then in production you may distribute that installer executable.

For those that find themselves in this thread and are on Ignition 8.1: The Vision Client Launcher which ships with 8.1.12+ will convert the image you have defined in Project Properties > Vision > Launching > Launch Icon into the required platform dependent format (.ico, .icns, .png) and apply it to the shortcut when creating one.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C