Native Vector-Based 2d Drawing Tools

In post it mentioned that 2d vector drawing tools were coming early 2010. Is there a more specific timeline at this point as to when this will be available?


Yes, 2D drawing was originally slated for release with Ignition, but we had to delay it in order to get Ignition released in a timely manner.

2D drawing and inheritable components are both extremely high priority features for the Vision module, and should be out sometime before mid-year, I would expect.

Which year?

Patiently waiting for both…

I do appreciate your efforts.


Ok, I’m not going to give you a new date, because obviously I’m pretty terrible at nailing this one down.

All I’ll say is that it is still extremely high priority, and getting close. (7.2, which is imminent, lays a lot of groundwork for vector drawing). Vector drawing will be 7.3.

Has this been implemented in the FactoryPMI?

Also is the time line the same for inheritable components?


  1. No, FactoryPMI is in maintenance phase (bug fixes only)
  2. Not necessarily. They may appear in the same release, but there is nothing strictly tying them together from a technology standpoint.