Nav Bar / Left Bar

I am using the skeleton project template. Is there a way that I can change the nav bar with a button click on it.

I have three different types of facilities, Potable, Recycled and Wastewater. I would like to build 3 nav bars for those types and be able to switch the nav bars with buttons on the bars. Is this possible?

Yes, just use the system.nav.swapWindow() function in your button to swap it to another nav window. More info here.

Guess I wasn’t specific enough. I am not using Ignition. Im trying to swap the LeftNav and tabstrip that comes with the skeleton layout. Currently when I try to swap this tabstrip it swaps for the window that is open in the main area, Not the tabstrip itself. Do I have to disable the navagation mode and script all of the tabs?

Ah yes, sorry. I didn’t look at what forum you posted in. :blush:

Yes, you are exactly right. The Tab Strip component uses the swapTo() function where you want the swapWindow() function (in fpmi.nav). You will have to set the Tab strip Navigation Mode to ‘Disabled’ and add a script to the propertyChange event that takes the new selectedTab value and opens that window.

Getting an error message. Am I way off here?
tabstrip.doc (214 KB)

You’re likely getting this error because you are trying to put that script into a property binding as opposed to an event script. If you right click on the tab strip and the click on configure actions you can then add your script to the property change section.

You’re going to want to filter on event.propertyName ==‘string’ instead of propertyChange I believe.

Your script should look like:if event.propertyName == "selectedTab": system.nav.swapWindow(event, event.newValue)