Navigate to screen based on Client MAC address

I am looking at multiple clients all running the same application. Rather than bringing up my application in each one and navigating to the proper screen, I want Windows to start the application which is easy enough, but I also want Ignition to navigate to the proper screen based on the MAC address of the client it is running on. I haven’t tried anything yet, but was headed the direction of using a client script on startup. The MAC addresses are kept in an SQL database. Upon starting the application, the client would query the database using its MAC address. Based on the return from the query, it would then navigate to the appropriate screen.

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This is a good approach, I’ve recently seen it used. Did you have a question or just looking for validation?

I’ve done something similar using a startup script that compared either the Client’s PC name or IP Address (both values are available as System Client Tags) and then looking up in a separate dataset that I created that matched the startup screen display path to the client name or IP address.

Just looking to see if there was a better way. Ignition seems to offer a number of ways to do things and you never know when someone has a simpler easier way to do something that your own idea. I am a big fan of simple.