Navigating Page showing loading page

I have created buttons to navigate different pages but when I am navigating to different pages, in between there is a loading page showing collecting resources.
When I used sample project of Ignition I did not find such loading page while navigating.
Can anyone explain which property need to be disabled.

On the same project or on a different project? I would expect the "loading" if switching projects but not when switching pages inside the same project.

Same project, while navigating to different projects


Sorry, I don't understand that. Write in full sentences!

To @Transistor's point:
When navigating inside one project, you should not be getting the loading splash each time...because it's the same project.
If you switch to a different project, which would be hard to do accidentally, you will get a loading splash each time, because you're starting a new session on the frontend and backend. If you want a seamless experience for your end users, you must stay within the confines of one project.

If you're not sure which you're using, then share code and screenshots showing exactly how you've configuration your navigation scripts and actions.


I have a created a left dock view for navigation purpose and have multiple buttons to open different pages.
I am opening a new body pages, I have attached screenshot.

According to your screen shot you are not opening other pages - you are opening other URLs.
If you are navigating within the same project then Select Type | Page or View.