Navigation and dataset question

I have a table on a screen title ‘Production Standard by Customer’ At the bottom of that screen I have an edit button and an add button. Both of these buttons with bring up a popup type of screen where the user can either add a new record or edit the current record.

Currently the way in which I am doing thing is when I select a record from the table I will press the button for edit and it will open the popup menu and fill the proper values into their respective cell. Once I have updated the record I will press the submit button and it will write the data to the table. Then I have a DB tag in SQL tags that I write to when closing the popup screen. On the ‘Production Standards by Customer’ Screen I watch this tag. When the tag goes to a 1 (one) I preform a db.reFresh on the table and then reset the tag to a 0 (zero).

I am wondering, is this the best and most efficient way to accomplish this? Currently the table is set to polling off.

You can simply call the refresh function on the popup window when the user presses the save or add buttons. So rather than writing to tags you can do the following:try: win = fpmi.gui.getWindow("WindowNameWithTable") fpmi.db.refresh(win.getRootContainer().getComponent("TableName"), "data") except: pass # window not opened, shouldn't get here unless window is closed