Navigation Dataset Demo Confusion

I have been messing around with the Ignition Demo Project to try and replicate the Navigation used in the Demo project in a new project I had created on a bench server and cannot seem to get it to work. I keep getting value Unknown for WindowCurrent. I have all the tables in the Database that I need and all of the scripting and correct tag bindings are ok and nothing has an error, but I cannot get it to call the name of the WindowPath and Window Title to the project heading. I know it is using a dataset that has all the information in the Database to Query for the information, but I am not sure how the information gets to the database to begin with as far as a GroupID and WindowID and whatever else is required for the query. Can someone please explain to me what I am missing? I have replicated everything in the Demo as far as the Templates and System Client Window Title tags and all of the bindings, scripting and and other information that is required as far as I can tell, but I cannot figure out how the Dataset with all the information was updated by auto generation or if the Database was created and then just called on in the demo…however it was done I was not able to get the same results the Demo Project showed. I am just getting back Unknown for the Path and Title of the Window. If someone could give me detailed instructions for replicating the Demo Navigation and let me know how the Dataset is created and updated in the “navigation and navigation_group” tables in the database and how the Window ID and Window Group ID are created I would be very thankful.