Navigation Difficulties

Hi! I am new to this ignition software, so I am sorry if this is a basic question. I have been working on my building’s software to make the GUI more friendly. Problem is, our vendors set up the software and delivered it with the system, and they did it completely differently than anything else I have seen (I have been looking at ignition guides for like a month trying to figure out why they did this).

They dont really use much of the features in ignition, and however they did it, I am unable to change it.

For example, I made some additional windows to start off the new version I intend to implement. I then added a button to their main window to navigate to my main window, but when I open the client and try to use the button, nothing happens. I know how to do navigation in ignition, but I have no idea what they did to set this up the way it is and prevent my changes from working.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Pretty open-ended question. Ignition has numerous ways to manipulate the GUI. You may have to investigate in depth. Two places to look first:

  1. In the list of Vision windows, note the windows that are set to “Open at Startup”. (These will have a tiny “play” icon next to their names.) You will have to investigate what each of these do, including any scripting. Or turn that setting off.

  2. In the “Client Event Scripts”, examine the startup script, if any, for any other windows opened there. Also in that section, examine other scripts that might take GUI actions.