Navigation from flex repeater problem

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For my menu, I am using the example for the left menu from the ignition perspective exchange, for navigation way (one page with passing parameters for views) I am using example form ignition perspective online demo. in Page configuration section I have page configured as URL - “/page/:viewPar1/:viewPar2” Primary view - Pages/Main_page. On the Main_page view, I am reading “viewPar1” and “ViewPar2” and according to the values of these parameters, I am setting a path for an embedded page. And that works. But when I want to navigate to some other page (another view) from menu I have a problem, on each click on menu items on the existing URL just last parameter is exchanged with a new page URL. For example, when I first time click on menu item page is open correctly and URL is “http://localhost:8088/data/perspective/client/Project_new**/page/Machine1/view1**
if I after that click on the menu item for view2 URL is changed to

The menu is done with flex repeater.
If I insert ignition’s menu everything is good, If I insert push buttons again everything is good.

Does somebody have an idea what is the problem?


Is there any chance you could supply the View which contains the Flex Repeater?

Yes, I can. It’s a same like example left menu. (21.9 KB)
In this zip file is all views that I am using for the menu.

It’s very important that you supply a leading slash for your subItemTarget values. navigation targets which do NOT include a leading slash are relative paths and REPLACE the final bit of the current URL, whereas targets WITH a leading slash are absolute paths. so switch page/Device/Crane1 with /page/Device/Crane1.

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:cold_face: I do not have comment for my mistake :cry:

Thank you very much for help!!!