Navigation strategy on map

I have multiple projects with the same client. for example, one client has three different sites.

Currently one site is configured as one ignition project, and each project has its own views, database, but shared user group.
For the same client, I would like to create a map view with dots on the map, so the client can come to the map view, click on the dot and enter the particular site project.

Can it be achieve in ignition perspective?
I tried to use navigation function to link with the url of the other project views, but I need to enter the user credential before I can enter the project view. Is there a way that the user credential can be carried over when hopping between projects?

Did you get any answer here? I need the same functionality.

Not to my knowledge, no. Perspective Sessions only exist within one project. As you move to another project, you must create a new Session - which will force authentication if the "new" project requires authentication.

no, I didnt find a solution. There is no way to get around authentication.