Navigation title needed for a kind of service priority page

What do I call this page on my navigation menu?
Do you have pages like it?
Do you track the usage and how?

among the pages I made is one that is meant to kind of show the top machines for mechanics and technicians to know about

I have called this page Starts because the primary metric is number of restarts right now.

There are lines that are priority, like they need to run. This is not that.
This is like the worst performing lines each past day that need to get some attention if we are bring up performance on the worst performers.


  1. Intuitive
  2. Not conflating with priority lines
  3. Not like “The worst machines”, trying to avoid negative connotation

Service personnel should be motivated to check this page to see where to go to inspect for opportunities to improve performance

Future changes:
right now I show all the machines in a list sorted by the most starts in a day (restarts in essence)
I plan to show high scrap and low efficiency charts later on

Some ideas:
maintenance overview
downtime tracker
floor overview
machine monitor

then obviously the UI/UX should be indicative of what they are looking at.

i have a project that is displayed in our shop to help identify down machinery and assist maintenance to be in the know ahead of time

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I recommend reading ISA 101.01 and high performance HMI. On most systems there are 4 tiers:

  • Tier 1 - Overview

  • Tier 2 - Unit Process

  • Tier 3 - Unit Detail

  • Tier 4 - Diagnostic

Maybe reading up will aid better in how you lay things out as well as what you name things.

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I will research this.

For clarification, this is on a website.
I use a megamenu as one of many industry standards, and this is a title of a page from that megamenu.

It isn’t overly artistic. It is based on the airport terminal information.
For this post though, I just need some name recommendations.

We have a metric called First Time Through (FTT). It’s basically the ratio of attempted cycles to successful cycles.

EDIT: In contrast we also track FTT Errors, so that we know what issues to tackle first.

Here, relative FTT is called Scrap shown it as a percentage.
Here, tracking relative FTT errors, calling them faults.
I have a bunch of pages to analyze these things.

The page I need to name is for when technicians are not being actively called, priority lines are already running, and we want to pick up the performance of the lowest performing.

So are we then looking at efficiency? Takt? Downtime vs. small stops?

Just trying to get onto the same page. :slight_smile:

haha same page

I am still defining contents of the page. The name should reflect the goal and usage of the page.

I can’t name it like “Check these machines if priority lines are good, you aren’t on call to a machine, or fixing parts that were swapped out”.

I was kind of hoping someone would say similar to:
“I had technicians requested for the two worst machines, and also created a page of machines listing the worst performing to best performing in tables of different criteria. We call that page X, so technicians know exactly what it is for and use it”. hahah

Ask the technicians what they want it called…?

They will be the ones using it and have the best insight.

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It seems so obvious now that you said it.
Thanks so much for the help.

No problem. I find every place has there own terminology. I pick operators brains every chance I can.