Navigation to a specific page when an alarm is clicked on

We have been requested to be able to click on an alarm in the Alarm Summary, and go to a particular page associated with that alarm. Very useful to find where the alarm is associated.

I thought that the “Display Path” section of the alarms would allow you to navigate to that particular page, but to no avail. Any information on this would be very useful.

To add to this, we are using Vision, not Perspective.

I don’t think you will have an easy time doing this. I haven’t tried to do it but I think you would have to use the selected alarms dataset from the alarm summary. Then you would need to create a lookup table that lists your different alarms and a screen that you want to navigate to for each alarm.

As far as I know there isn’t anything built in to do this for you because you would have to know which tags/alarms are linked to which screens. There would be no way for the system to know what is where especially since you can display the same tag on more than one screen if you want to.

I fully believe it can be done but depending on how many alarms you have, it won’t be a simple task. Without knowing your setup though, it would be a hard one to say how big of a task it will be.

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This has been done before in Vision and easy to do than it sounds. See below: