Navigation using a simple MenuTree Perspective

I’m new on Ignition and I have issues trying to set a MenuTree on a perspective application.
I have the following:

I want to configure the Menu to show always and I want to navigate to Views from there.
If I configure an event to navigate to a view doesn’t allow me to specify which button navigate to which view.
If I configure the target property for every menu tree item, it only allows me to configure a Page, not a View, so when it navigates, the menu tree disappears.

I’ve tried with scripting too, but without no luck.
My idea was if I can get the selected item I can swap to a View, but I can’t get working the system.nav.swapTo method, it simply does nothing.

In another hand, the console output only works for Vision? I’ve tried to add a button, add an event script with print(‘testing’), but the console doesn’t show anything.

How should I do to set the navigation, swapping the main view?

Thanks for your help.-

The menu should be in a dock.

This will guide you how:

That was my problem.

Thanks for your help-