Navigation Window


pleas, can some help me how add into my Designer Project Browser the navigation window?

I miss it there campre to ViteoTutorial.

Do I have to install some Navigation module or AddOns?

I am real beginer and I would like to create small App with navigation like is in VideoTutorial mentioned but I mess this option in my Project Browser.

Thanks fpr any idea.


I’m not sure I understand your question, but this may help:

It sounds like you want a docked window (for navigation) and main windows (for everything else). The docked window will be stuck/docked to one side/top/bottom (per setting you choose on it’s properties in properties pane) and a main window will fill the rest of the screen. The docked window will have links on it that switch the main window. See also:

Thanks for answer.
Sorry I confused you. But now I see how to continue. Thanks for tips, now I understand it.

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