Navithor Interface Module by RedViking

RedViking is pleased to introduce the Redviking Navithor Interface; a module that bridges the gap between Ignition and Navithor's AGV/AMR fleet manager service.

Get connected to Navithor and start controlling AGV/AMRs within minutes thanks to the modules minimal start up configuration and built in drag and drop views.


  • Real time data reporting on AGV and production area status
  • Intuitive, well documented API that is both versatile and finely detailed, capable of accommodating nearly any use case
  • Full functionality in trial mode (only while the trial is active)
  • No required tags or connection to external devices. All data is stored within the module and accessed via API to keep complexity low
  • Minimum additional load to the gateway (did not see any increase to gateway resource consumption after initial install on in house production servers)
  • Multiple prebuilt components that provide quick solutions for deployment, testing, and debugging

Compatible Ignition Versions

  • 8.1


This module is created and maintained by RedViking, who actively designs, builds and deploys AGVs and AMRs.



First impressions:

  • Your doc link in your resources list above goes to, which doesn't work. Your doc link in the module showcase goes to, which does work.

  • Fabulous docs. Looks like it comes from mkdocs, like my latest docs for my Integration Toolkit.

  • Thorough scripting API. I didn't see any obvious gaps (though my experience with AGVs is limited).

  • Nice collection of Perspective components.

  • Especially cool custom log viewer component. (:

I don't see any other Red Viking modules anywhere, so this is your first? If so, I'm extra impressed with the polish of this first offering.


Thank you very much for the feedback!

Yes, this is RedViking's first module. However, we already have multiple plans for future modules in the works so stay on the lookout :wink:

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Phil -

Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot coming from you. David did awesome work on spearheading this project.

The documentation is built in VitePress. We used to do a lot of our internal documentation work in mkdocs, however, a lot of what we ship is Vue.js in related work, so VitePress has fit us better.

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