**Need a Designer** (Ignition System for Homeless Shelter Non-Profit)

We need a Perspective developer to build an awesome application from a concept. I am developing an Ignition system for registration, scheduling and analytics for Room in the Inn. They are a non-profit Homeless Shelter in 7 cities. The first project is for the Nashville, TN location (www.roomintheinn.org). The wire frames of the screens are almost ready, and the database structure will be designed before you start. This is a Perspective application to help a non-profit run smoother and help get more homeless people off the streets in Winter.

If you are passionate about helping others, or you just like building awesome Perspective applications, please contact me.

Chris McLaughlin


I would think a Motel/Hotel software package would be more to your needs. Not an “Industrial Automation” package, BUT I could be wrong!