Need a developer gateway


I was told by an ignition employee to contact the forums about obtaining a developer license for my gateway. I want to be able to test that my module license is working, and it would be nice to not have to sign my module each build and use the feature in the build pom.xml.

How do I go about getting this license?

There’s no special license, you set a system property in your ignition.conf that allows the gateway to load unsigned modules.


something like this: Allowing Unsigned Modules to Run in 7.9

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Thanks Kevin. And will this allow my developer gateway to not run in trial mode? I was told I am not able to verify my license is working until I have a licensed version of Ignition.

You know… I’m not actually sure how you go about getting a platform license + secondary license with your module listed on it. Probably through your sales rep or something.

They don’t have to be combined. A bare platform license should work fine with a secondary license generated by us module authors.