Need a formating option in the Multi-Instance wizard

When using the Multi-instance wizard you cannot have your new tag names formatted like 0001-0901, Of course with your prefix. All of the leading zeros will be dropped, and thus all of your tags will not be sorted in the best way. Which you then have to go and rename all of them. To have just simple formatting of your tags names would save a lot of time. Also can we get rid of the forced space between the prefix and the tag range, if we wanted a space we would have put it into the prefix.

New bug without formatting numbers larger than 999 will also get a default comma in them, so if you specify a range of 1601-1800, you then get 1,601, 1,602, 1,603 etc and then you have to hand fix everything, this makes referencing to OPC tags impossible without a lot of hand fixing in every tag.

The wizard is nice just needs a little polishing.

yeah and I would like the ability to be able to import in or copy and past a list of tag names to create. :smiley:


First off, the problem with the formatting of numbers greater than 1000 was a bug introduced in 7.6.0, it has been fixed for 7.6.1.

As for the rest, yes, we can get rid of the space, and the multi-digit formatting is a good idea.

And diat150, I haven’t forgotten your requests (and I believe there are a few others concerning the multi-instance wizard). I just need to remember to get them in! :neutral_face:


So half a year later, I just want to note that in 7.6.5 rc 2, the space after the name has been removed, and if you pad numbers, it will detect and respect that.

For example, if your pattern is “0000-0100”, it will do what you expect.

Other improvements… maybe be coming in 7.7.


But I liked the space after the name… can you put it back?