Need access to file path for wicket upload page

Hi, I’m developing a feature that is accessed from the Gateway via Wicket pages. The current problem is we are using Wicket based web pages and leveraging the FileUploadField and FileUpload classes. I am able to access the file using the FileUpload.getFileUpload() however I am unable to get to the files absolute path which is needed. I was wandering if anyone can enlighten me as to how this is done on the wicket pages for the Backup/Restore for the “Choose File” on the Restore tab. - Thanks

Addendum: In taking a look, perhaps a more direct approach if there was a pure file chooser component for wicket pages

If you’re developing for 7.9+, you might look at using React instead. We’re gradually moving all the pages over to React and plan to phase out Wicket all together in future versions of Ignition. The Home Connect example in the SDK shows some basic react pages in Igntion.

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Man, when I read examples like that I often wish there was a non-commercial license for Ignition that let me use it for my home project, but was stripped of maybe the more scada focused features.

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Thanks Kathy, I’ll check it out!