Need clarification on how this works

We have Ignition works (7.5.6) installed on the same machine as KepServerEX5.11 and SQL. We have an inspection system with a separate PC that has an OPC server on it that we want to communicate with. If I am understanding this correctly I can:

Install Ignition (Only with the following)
OPC Tunneller

on the inspection PC and communicate without DCOM to my main Ignition system. My main question is about the license. OPC-COM is licensed on the main system but do I need one on the remote system also?

Do I need the OPC Tunneller on both systems?

The remote system would have:

  • OPC-UA module
  • OPC-COM module
  • Tunneler module

The main system would then make a UA connection to the remote system, where the tunneler is exposing tags from the OPC COM server running locally on that machine. You would no longer need the COM module on the main system (unless you’re using it to make other COM-based connections).

There would still be a COM connection happening on the remote box, but at least now you’ve made it a COM connection to an OPC server running on the same machine, which is much easier to configure.

Would I need to license any of the modules installed on the remote system?

Yeah, you should license all three of them.