Need creative way to navigate windows from gateway script

Ignition 7.9, vision

I find myself needing to navigate to a popup under a condition that presents itself during a Gateway script. I know I cannot navigate from a Gateway script and, as I understand it, even if I call a Project script, it will not have references to system.nav.

There must be a creative way to achieve this. Perhaps have a trigger tag that is monitored at the project level? I’m sure I’m not the first person to attempt this.

Any pointers are welcome.


The big question to answer is do you want the same thing to happen on all Vision clients that are currently open, or do you only want to do this on a particular client?

In either event, the most direct thing to do if you already have a gateway script is to use system.util.sendMessage to fire an event for your clients to ‘care’ about.


Good point. I will want this behavior only on one client. But the sendMessage is a good idea. That will give me a path forward, thanks.