Need for a certain format using transaction group

Hi! I have Tags that count physical objects and i need to log their informations with a certain format in my database. I tried using block groups as I want to read the data base line by line and I also want to delete the data older than 6 months.

On a line i need these information : Location , count, timestamp , code quality, (eventually tag name)
It looks simple but i have these issues:

The “Delete records older than” function doesn’t work if the tbl_(name of block)_ndx column is not present. and i don’t want it in my database.

The location is written in the path of the tag, but i don’t seem to be able to extract it and then input it in the appropriate column. I tried to use expression item, but i can’t get the references to my tags in the block items.

I have one Block Item for my tags Values and one block item for my tags name, but if change the order of the items within the block item, then the name doesn’t match the value anymore, is there a way to link the name to the value?

I made a very rought exemple below to show you my problems:

If you have the answer to any of my problem, please leave a comment
Thank you!