Need Hardware Recommendation smallest device possible


We are looking at putting all our machines online to track OEE/Downtime. A good majority of machines here are not online, no plc/or plc locked and manufacturer won’t give us password to get in.

Therefore I need the smallest device possible PLC or some type of remote mini remote i/o i can hook up to ethernet, and browse tags on via ignition. That I can squeeze into already crammed panels to get the signals I need.

I attempted with a Micro820 from Allen Bradley. Size and functionality was decent. But I could not get it to connect to ignition on my network for the life of me. And IT was not the most helpful in debugging the issue. So I ended up using a micrologix 1400 which is just to big and bulky.

I would like something with a fairly straightforward setup.

Thank you in advance I appreciate any help provided.

I’ve used the FEN20 I/O blocks from Turck.


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Do you connect that directly to ignition or is it something you add to a control logix etc… ?

I use mine with a compactLogix, but @pturmel has an EIP class 1 driver that should also work.

If I/O modules are an option then you can maybe use the Advantech ADAM Modbus I/O modules and Ignition’s Modbus driver.

edit: these do MQTT too: ADAM-6050 - 12DI/6DO IoT Modbus/SNMP/MQTT Ethernet Remote I/O - Advantech

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What kind of signals are you collecting? How fast? Do you need on-board counting or logic?

Not super fast, at the most maybe 200-250 bottles per minute on the counting side.

Mostley 24dc-120ac, on/off, tripped, start/stop, alarms,

we are just trying to see if the machine is on or off, and if off why? like tripped breaker, operator stopping because downstream is full etc…

That’s fast enough to likely be a problem counting in Ignition. 250 items per minute means you would need to capture both rising and falling edge every 1/4 second. My Ethernet/IP module can keep up with that, as long as you have enough server horsepower to keep garbage collection latency low.

However, the Advantech 6050 that Kevin mentions can count on each DI. You can then read the counts at a slower pace. The only downside to the ADAM family is the form factor. The flat design occupies more backplate real estate than I normally like.

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I have noticed the count can be a little delayed currently. But the count remains accurate so I don’t think that is a big deal.

I may need to read a few analog signals as well.

I’m a fan of the Moxa IoLogik range, they have digital and analogue but not 120V so you’d need to use interposing relays

May I suggest a Opto22 Groov Rio.

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AB micro 820’s (or 810? I don’t remember) are like AUD$130?. You’ll have to use CCW though…

The Micro820 along with a Maple System G01 MQTT Gateway would work. This combination is TAG based and uses MQTT Sparkplug B, so it will flawlessly work with Ignition.

I don’t mind CCW I still couldn’t get it to connect with ignition though

I’ll have to look into that more

To comm direct to an 820 you need to use modbus I believe. The AB drivers can’t talk to them

I did not use the AB drivers. I used modbus tcp driver with no luck

As I said - Here is a sample of the Micro820 “Tag Based” using the Maple System MQTT Gateway setup to publish/subscribe Sparkplug B protocol tags.

Works flawlessly!!


I will definitely research this. And see what software / hardware I need

Any links would be appreciated