Need Hardware Recommendation smallest device possible

A moxa giving 8 in and 8 out (E1212) is $205

would that be integrated directly into ignition or a compactlogix

modbus TCP straight in or you could E/IP into the CPX

Recommend avoiding address based protocols if possible.
Study a bit on MQTT, and Ethernet/Industrial Protocol (E/IP) tag based protocols that will make Ignition life much better.
Wago has very good options for controllers and network I/O, including Modbus (address based) options.
I have always been an Allen Bradley fan, prefer Logix family of processors 1769, 1756, not Micro.

I have connected Micro820 directly to Ignition using Modbus, it is pretty straightforward. You just have to setup the tags you want to “publish” via modbus in CCW.

I did, and it did not work.

Setting up modbus mapping in CCW it’s kind of tricky. It is very important to enter the tags in order, and all holding registers first, then all Coils, and so on, do not mix the order.

I really suggest to try with a little bunch first, say 10 of each kind and make the test.
At the end I assure it works

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Also, try to enter them by datatype, DINTs first then INTs and so on. Put a lot of attention at how the addressing is progressing as you enter each tag.

One last comment: remember to configure the reverse order in Ignition’s device setup page:

@miketob see My topic for that I have pics there of my settings and everything

I think I can help you to make it work. If you want PM me to setup a TeamViewer/AnyDesk session


I did a test setup with the Micro820 and it was successful using the ModBus TCP.

It could be something simple, I just assumed it was something with my network. if you see the other thread everyone was very helpful yet it still didnt work.

I used an Micro 820 with the Ignition Modbus driver. It worked well, and was plenty fast enough. You do need to set up the Modbus in the 820 before you will be able to connect in Ignition. Pretty easy and straight forward. If you need, I can send you some screen shots of the setup.

This! These things are amazing. Not the cheapest, but super flexible and very secure “modern” device. Can grab data via modbus easily or get fancier with MQTT or Ignition edge. I just used one for a tiny project that didn’t need a PLC and was able to do some simple I/O logic internally in Node-Red.

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@djgilson please see thread linked above. I would appreciate it . But someone did that in the other thread. I wonder how your might differ from theirs.


You can also use python and c++ directly on the controller

I can program but I wouldn’t call my self a programmer. Not even sure how I’d do that.

Direct access to ML8xx global tags (with some restrictions) via EtherNet/IP is now available:

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Jordan would you mind sharing your setup in ignition. We are struggling to get our FEN20-4DIP-DXP working. Thanks in advance