Need help about Map component


I’d like to use map component from perspective to vision, is it possible ?
Because i’d like to use a map with different markers which represent mobile phone position.

Ignition 8’s perspective has the map component built into it. However its also possible to use PubNub for Geo-location tracking applications on mobile phones on vision. Please see tutorials on and our RM-SCADA module on for integrating Ignition with PubNub. Please elaborate your requirements.

Thx Paramnj,

But I’d like to know if it’s possible to link the map component from perspective to my app in vision

What exactly do you want to link from map component from perspective to vision? It should certainly be possible in Ignition 8.

I’d like to use map component in vision, for example : I have an admin who has the possibility to see the user live position from a window of vision.

Is it possible to doing that ?

Otherwise can i put a web browser component from vision which linked to a view from perspective ?

Sorry for my beginner english

I guess some third party modules like may allow you to do that?

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Yes, i’ve already seen this module, but wanted to know if it was possible to do it without it

Thanks anyway !

other alternative is to develop your maps using PubNub API’s mentioned above and our RMS module provides integration with Ignition data base. If you can get the location of your mobile clients into Ignition data base , then RMS module can send the location on these maps for display.

These are some thoughts I don’t know if it meets your requirements or solves your problems, but request you to study pubnub geolocation tutorials and our rm-scada demos and ask more questions.


All right, i’ll check it out

It is possible to read the Geo location information from Ignition data base and display them on the google maps on a browser outside version. You don’t need pubnub or RMS module for that.

If your perspective clients update their location in Ignition Tags then I can read these tag values and display them on google maps under a browser in real time using my ARS module.

Please let me know if that is what you want? My ARS module reads any tags values of Ignition and displays on 3D Virtual tours, I can easily modify it to display the Geo Location data on google maps if that’s what your requirement is.


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Yes, you can - generally, it’s not something we recommend (why mix visualization styles) but for this limited use case it should probably work. You’ll have a hard time interaction (as the application designer) between Vision and Perspective, but it would be possible to embed a Web Browser component containing a Perspective view.

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It doesn’t matter if there is a hard time interaction while it works.

I have an application wich be use by an admin and 10 users.
The admin use the app on computer and users on mobile phone / tablet.

I’d like the admin have the possibilities to see the users position direct live, from his application.

So I put the web browser into his app, wich is linked to url of my perspective view with a map component.

But how can I get the latitude and longitude of my users for placing markers on the map component ?
Is it possible with the localisation of the devices ?
If yes, how does it work ?

Thanks you so much

This is possible to do this thru PubNub using my RMS module. Any user not only admin can also view the locations of others. Let me work a demo for this this week end. Which map API would you prefer ? (googlemaps, mapbox or openstreetmap?

I think i prefer openstreetmap.

I’d like to doing it without your module also, so that’s why I’v asked to PGriffith.

But mais j’apprécierai votre démo

No problem, I wanted to include the maps also in RMS demo anyway. No harm in seeing demos and alternatives.

Hi we have added the Geo Location tracking feature in RMS module. Please see demo

Hi did you see my demo video of my geo location tracking feature in RMS module? This can work on Ignition 7.9 and lower version and display mobile clients locations on a web browser. I think that what you wanted? Please let me know your comments and feedback.

PRAMANJ Technologies.

I would opt for MapBox API. It’s open-source and highly customizable. You can check out this guide, it compares different map APIs.