Need help connecting to a Comtrol DeviceMaster serial to eth

We are installing some Comtrol DeviceMaster units to grab data from some machinery. Can someone point me in the right direction as to connecting this thing to Ignition? It only talks TCP or UDP. I have established a TCP connection, but am unable to receive any data. Can ignition connect to this and somehow grab the data? Or is there some other method I need to use in between Ignition and the serial device? All I need to grab is weight information every 2 minutes.


i have a similar problem… someone can help us? :slight_smile:

The TCP driver may be configured and showing as connected. This doesn’t really mean that it is connected to your device. This just means that the driver is up and running and it is actively listening to the port that you specified in the device settings.

Some more information is going to be needed to help you. You will also need some more information about the device that you are using. You will need to know if the data is being received as packets, fixed size, or character based. The TCP driver is very simple to use as long as you have the configuration information needed. Go through the settings for the device and find out each bit of information there is an option for. If you’re not sure about one of the fields let us know so we can clarify.

Here is a link to the user manual where you can find the information for the TCP driver.

                             [ ... nd_tcp.htm](

Additionally, if you have another way of reading the data from the device this will help with troubleshooting.

Also, if you are still having issues, please let us know what version of Ignition you are using.